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Bladder Stones

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Stones are formed when urine pH levels, or other chemical factors, cause the minerals to bind and form crystals, which in turn build upon each other to create solid structures - “stones”, also known as uroliths.

Uroliths are most likely to occur in the bladder, but they sometimes form in the kidneys. There are  3 main types of stone/uroliths, Calcium oxalate, Urate and Cystine.

There are a number of specialised diets available from vets that deal with this problem but they appear contradictory in their approach.

While one may suggest that the urine needs to be more alkaline the other suggests more acidic.

My own experience is that when using a holistic approach then you can mimimise the potential for such problem but cannot clear it with diet only. A clear range of herbs has been identified which along with proper diet in the correct form and quantity can address it.

Herbs to deal with this problem are as follows:

Diurectic Herbs - combined with increased fluid intake crystallisation and stone formation reduced with the use of this type of herb - Examples of herbs that are diurectics include,  Horsetail, Corn Silk, Dandelion and Parsley.

Demulcent Herbs - thought to reduce inflammation by coating tissues. Herbs in this category include Marshmallow Root, Corn Silk and Parsley.

Antimicrobial Herbs are needed when this problem exists particularly when chronic urinary track problems exist. Herbs in this category include Uva-Ursi, Buchu, horsetail and Cranbury.

The ace in the pack is a Chinese herb called Lysimachia which is considered to break up the stones. It is used in several Chinese patented formulas for both Gall Bladder and urinary stones.

A  herbal formulation on the market called Stone Solve combines the above range of herbs  and when used along with the correct diet in minimal quantities can address this problem. We suggest a quality dehydrated food that when the water is added will help increase the fluid intake and work better in conjunction with the Diurectic Herbs.