The Holistic Approach to Diet and Pet Health

Holistic dietsHolistic comes from the word ‘holism’ meaning that whole entities have an existence other than the mere sum of their parts.

Webster’s dictionary goes on to say that ‘holistic’ “involves the principle of holism in a system of therapeutics mainly nutritional”.

Holistic practitioners have always seen improvements in health when proper pet nutrition is used.

This is not a new concept, in fact the principles of natural health and diet are a revival of ancient ones only recently recognized in mainstream medicine.

The homeopathic practitioner for example only recognizes one disease, disturbance of the vital force. They see the body as being like still water in a pond and disease being a ripple on the surface when a stone is thrown in. The symptoms and their severity are indicators of the level of disturbance to the vital force.

So one may ask why is natural pet food and nutrition is so important?

The answer lies simply in experience and observation. It was not by accident that Hippocrates, the founding father of medicine coined the phrase “we are what we eat”. It is as obvious as swallowing cyanide; our body stops working altogether.

In terms of holistic pet nutrition one may well raise the question of what is a good healthy dog diet?

Surely a good dog or cat diet is one that helps the body and mind function in a normal healthy way. When fed in the correct proportions of course.

Medicinal Herbs and Homeopathy are a focused form of intervention that counter and correct individual imbalances. Diet will achieve the same result but be slower acting. This is why prevention is much better than cure.

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