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Bad Breath - happens to the best of us and our pets

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011


Foul-smelling breath, Bleeding Gums, Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis, Excess hunger/thirst, Toothache, Loose teeth, Xerostomia, Oral dryness post chemotherapy, Upper respiratory Infections, Sinus infections, Frontal headache, Red tongue, Yellow coated tongue.

Bad breath in our animal or human friends is something which we all dislike. The cause of bad breath can arise from a number of health issues.

Kidney problems can give rise to the problem as can unsuitable diet.

Waste products which are not properly filtered by the kidneys back up into the blood, resulting in excess toxicity settling in the mouth.  This causes inflamed or ulcerated gums resulting bad breath.

Secondly, poor quality food results in limited digestion leading to putrification or rotting in the gut which in turn backs up to the mouth, again resulting in bad breath.

Diet is important and should not be neglected

Formulas containing a range of quality carbohydrates, vegetables, (particularly carrots which stimulate elimination and putrifactive bacteria), proteins, fats, etc which all contribute to promote health and vitality and at the same time allows the internal organs to function in a more efficient manner.

High quality ingredients results in smaller stools which in turn indicates ease of digestion and therefore lower levels of food are required. This in turn minimises the possibility of putrification in the gut and hence bad breath.

Owners report that after a few weeks their dogs breath is so fresh they could kiss them with comfort. Wow!

Suggested Herbal Approach

Please note that the suggested herbal or homeopathic approaches are to reinforce diet.

‘Breath Fresh’ herbal nourishment is an excellent aid to counteract foul-breath.

‘Green Power’ concentrated greens from land and sea.

‘Pet Boost’ herbs to support a healthy immune system.

‘Pet DeTox’ a cleansing and detoxing formula.