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Monday, March 14th, 2011

There are two types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. This in itself does not tell us very much but a look at human diabetes gives a better insight to the problems and how to address them.

Type 1 is classified as Insulin Dependent diabetes Mellitus and occurs most often in children or adolescents. Type 2 is Non – Insulin Dependent diabetes Mellitus which usually occurs in adults over 40years of age.

Type 2 is the more common of the two and more often seen in dogs and cats. In this type of diabetes enough insulin is produced but its utilization by the body is blocked by the effect of a excess fat in the diet. ( Excess sugar is converted by the body to fat).

Symptoms of diabetes in dogs

High blood glucose, Extreme thirst, Diabetes mellitus types 1 & 2, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Diabetic cataracts.

This high fat diet that supports diabetes also cause liver stagnation which in turn creates imbalances in the spleen – pancreas resulting in less than effective pancreatic secretions of insulin.

The obvious remedy is diet – low fat, complex carbohydrates (whole foods), vegetables and legumes (peas, beans etc).

Human nutritionalists have identified that chromium, zinc and manganese as factors which control sugar levels in blood. When grains are refined as much as 80% of these minerals are lost in the process.

Foods which contain a range of quality carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins, fats and seaweed which all contribute to promote health and vitality and at the same time allows the internal organs to function in a more efficient manner. The high quality ingredients results in smaller stools which in turn indicates ease of digestion and therefore lower levels of food are required.

It is recommended that where possible, diabetic dogs or cats are fed a number of times over the course of the day. Five or six small meals help control glucose levels better than one or even two meals per day.

Complementary Herbal Approach for diabetic dogs

Gluco-Stable - Herbal nutrition to stabilize blood glucose levels.

Cardio-Support - Supports the functioning of a healthy heart and maintains healthy circulation and blood pressure.